A table top saw is a big investment for your workshop. The main role a table top is to make work easier and reduce the strain involved in doing wood work. This is why there are several quality and portable saws available in the market. The type you use will depend on the features that you need and your daily needs.

You can never say that one table top saw is better than the other because it all depend on the needs of your workshop. This is why it is important to properly understand all the types of table top saws available in the market.

Categories of table top saws

Cabinet table top saws

This is one of the most powerful table tops, and this is a long term investment if you are looking for mcbznbxcmnxza permanent solution. This is a table top made to last regarding horsepower and the material that are used in making it.

For this reason, it can withstand all the types of vibration when cutting and shaping wood. This is a large and heavy table top; it is bigger in size, and it has an average weight of 500 pounds making it the heaviest and the strongest of all the types available. It is permanently fixed and does not allow portability.

Contractor saw

This is another powerful table top, but it is not as powerful as the cabinet table top. The best thing about this kind of table top is that it is a bit portable and can allow you to move it around from place to place. If your workshop is not big enough to accommodate the cabinet table top, you can opt for this type. It is quite small, and this means that it won’t accommodate much space in your workshop.

Hybrid sasdjfgjshfjskhkfsws

A hybrid table top is a combination of the cabinet table top saw and a contractor saw. It combines the features of the two table tops to come up with a powerful machine that combines useful features. Unlike a contractor table top saw that is huge and massive, a hybrid saw is small, takes less space, and it is convenient to move around the workshop.

Using this type of table top saw, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the big and heavy size but at the same time you get the massive power. This is one of the greatest innovations in the table top saws that will transform the way you work in your workshop.…