If you are always hunting for advanced ways to do things, then you should fax from Gmail. Yes, you can now fax from Gmail. The grand news is that you will enjoy numerous benefits by making this switch. If you want to fax from Gmail, you need an internet connection as well as an email fax service provider. Take advantage of a paid service if you wish to use extensive features. Presented below are some of the reasons why you should ditch conventional faxing and start faxing from Gmail.

More Intelligent


Email faxing is loaded with multiple features that do not come with conventional faxing. For instance, it allows you to share files in their original format unlike with conventional faxing. The convenience email faxing offers is comparable to none. Next, you can create and keep a contact list. This means that you can email multiple people and keep all your records. For example, you can find out who faxed and the message they were passing across. Furthermore, you will never get a busy tone with email faxing. If you are using a paid service, then your credit will be loaded when you require it. Besides, you can set your account to send alerts to your phone every time you get the fax. Email faxing can also allow you to use your old fax number through number porting so that you do not have to change your contact to a new one.

Cost Efficient

Conventional faxing can cost you a fortune if you have a long list of people to contact. With email faxing, you will not have to worry about parting with your cash to buy the paper because it is paperless. Apart from saving money on paper, you will also save on ink and cartridges. You will save lots of cash with email faxing if you have tons of fax to send every day. Even if you are faxing abroad, you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket paying for the long distant charges. That is not all. With email faxing you will not have to spend money maintaining your fax machine. If something is wrong with your email fax, it can be fixed on the spot by anyone.


More people have become conscious of the wellbeing of the environment, and that is why they are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint. With email faxing, you do not need to use papers that have been made from destroyed forests. In simple terms, when faxing from Gmail, fewer trees will die. This means that you will do your part in reducing global warming. With conventional faxing, a fax machine will print everything forwarded and spam messages. This means that you will be using lots of paper and expanding your carbon footprint.

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Without any doubt, email faxing is among the most convenient ways of faxing today. If you decide to start faxing from Gmail today, you will help save the environment and reduce your operational costs. Besides, you will increase your overall productivity considering the efficiency that email faxing offers.…