Yoga resembles sex. You can check it out, become aware of it, and watch other people do it, but till you experience it first hand, yourself, you do not truly get it.

So what’s the enjoyment all about? Why is yoga appearing everywhere from vehicle advertisements to executive meetings? Why are airlines providing it to their travelers and why is it included on Oprah? Children Yoga 22are doing it in schools; enthusiast athletes are doing it,¬†and even pregnant women and the wheelchair-bound. There must be something very sexy about yoga!

If you do yoga, you realize that it’s seductive. That delicious feeling of stretching from the in out; that relaxing experience like warm honey flowing through stimulated limbs; and the “huge payoff” at the end of a practice: floating away into the infinite. You can’t access this in pictures, and yoga isn’t a spectator sport. The real experience is only available to you if you, in fact, do yoga.

Yoga is not practically the gorgeous bodies of diehard yogis and yoginis, although physical fitness is among the significant rewards, yoga is a path to that misleading center we are all seeking. It’s a path to inner peace. We’re being drawn to yoga by the thousands because we need it; we crave exactly what yoga offers and deeply need the body-mind-spirit connection we experience when we practice the 5000-year-old art of yoga.

Yoga 21Enhanced strength and flexibility, relief from headaches, back problems, sleep difficulties, and stress associated concerns; deep relaxation, feeling energized, powerful, serene and centered. Sounds great? These are just a few of the myriad advantages of a yoga practice. Life is so much easier when we feel comfy in our bodies, relaxed in spirit and come from a serene place of power within. Our days become more satisfying and more relaxed. Our relationships become deeper and more sensitive. The world appears to be more workable and, instead of reactive, we end up being positively proactive.

Lots of people first looked to yoga for physical reasons. They want to discover relief from pain in the back or they wish to drop weight. They see the external advantages of a yoga practice, but like sex, the internal experience is what keeps them coming back for more.…